Wave Neuroscience's goal is to empower and optimize brain function. We have innovated a method that improves non-invasive neuromodulation technology to address a wide range of neurological disorders, as well as enhance cognitive performance, using non-pharmacological methods. The technology is a precise, personalized therapy that analyzes brainwave activity using machine-learning and helps guide decisions on treatment stimulation parameters.

- 7,000 patients treated
- 7 patents issued, 12 pending
- 5 ongoing clinical trials
- 22 locations around the world

Strategic Partnerships:
- U.S. Department of Defense
- USC Center for Neurorestoration
- Cedars Sinai - Kerlan Jobe Sports Neurology

Visit www.braintreatmentcenter.com for more information

For licensing inquiries, please visit waveneuro.com/license